Don’t Make It Bad

First and quite foremost; I never have a plan when writing a blog entry.  The title is usually whatever lyric is currently being sung by one of the many hundreds of artists that I shuffle through on my “massive list” of music.  This can be interesting, because half the time I have no idea what is being played… and wonder how it got there.  It’s almost like having one of those satellite radio stations going on constantly in the background, without DJ’s, but also without any selective genre.  It hops from Classical to Grunge Metal to Punk Cabaret to Celtic Pop, and then some more…

Since I just updated my Internet service, finally, from Dial-up to DSL, and I have a considerable more steam to blow off because of that and many other life issues, I decided to create a brand new blog.  I like blogs, and have left many like scattered carcases and husks behind me.  Mainly because people start reading them, leaving comments, and it becomes more a performance and less what I need.  Since I type faster then I write by hand, this is pretty much my diary.  Only that I publish it on the Internet where anyone can read it, and I tend to address myself to an audience.   

 This is the first time I have used wordpress, though I’ve read blogs published here and admired some of the people.  It amazes me, however, the sheer stupidity of many of those that use up such web space.  I believe in capitalizing and punctuating properly.  Maybe that’s just me.

I’m also going to set myself some rules for this blog: I will not tell anyone my age, my general location (except that I live in Northern California), or much about the particulars of my past or use real names in reference to people in my life.  Therefore everything you may read here will be written with alibi’s, myself included.  Hopefully I will not slip up =).



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